hariinfotech founder - Hariprasad Chanda

A little bit about me ?
Name : Hari Prasad chanda
Profession: blogger and youtuber
Before then: working on affiliate marketing and youtuber
Education : intermediate

Professional career and experience

  • 3+ years total experience in blogging and articles writing
  • 2+ years total experience in affiliate marketing
  • 4 years experience in YouTube channel

hariinfotech idea

Iam 17 years old. Iam still studying .but iam writing well know articles and blogs .when I was 12 years old iam started website but couldn’t support from viewers after one year iam stopped my website because not support from viewers .but iam thinking in Brian why not support viewers and many doubts are coming in Brian after six months I’ve got my doubts clarification that is viewers going to trending topics and viral topics after iam thinking and learned all topics for blogging after in this time iam writing well in any type of articles and blogs.

This is my great achievement because iam strated new website hariinfotech.

Personal life

Hobbies: one – reading books in free time like The Holy Bible ,The Holy Quran ,the Harry Potter,

The lord of rings ,the Alchemist etc..
Two- watching movies in any language. Movies like avatar, Avengers endgame , Titanic ,etc …

Age: do not think too old age that iam reading big books iam in 17+ years

Status: 17 years old

One day God appeared In a dream and I give two options be wise? Or be a foolish? He asked i will choose first option

We liked work : reading books, writing , learning to about startups compines and writing articles

In free time: writing stories ,books ,movies, playing cricket etc…